You are not Privileged to Run this Report


You receive the following message when running Replace Report Writer Report in DRM.

You are not privileged to run this report.


Resolution 1:

If you set up a Launch Point with type ‘Replace Report Writer Report’, you will have two ‘Replace Options’ under the Settings tab from which to choose.

If you have selected ‘Suppress the Report Writer Report, I will click on the security denied message’ when this report runs you will receive the ‘You are not privileged to run this report’ message. This is the security denied message. You will need to click OK through each message for each report.

Resolution 2:

The other option is to select ‘Run the Report Writer Report, I will close or print to file’. If you select this option, you will not receive the security message, however, the original Dynamics GP report will run in addition to the one that you are settling up with the Launch Point.