Registration Keys do not work for Rockton Products


The registration keys entered for Rockton Products are not working in GP.

More Information:

The Registration Keys are sensitive to a number of factors and all must be correct for the keys to work. The main areas to check.

  1. The Site Name, Number of Users, Site Type, Authorized Phone Number, and Great Plains versions must match. The Site Name is case sensitive and must be character perfect, check for case, spaces, or period (full stop) characters. This information is normally validated against the Microsoft Business Solutions VOICE database to ensure accuracy.
  2. A typing error was made entering the keys, please recheck. The keys are in Hexi-decimal so they will only contain the characters 0-9 and A-F. You will receive a warning if entering any other characters in the latest builds.

If the Registration Key Issues window opens, you may click Get Keys to automatically generate your keys. If you continue to have issues, contact for further assistance.