Using SmartFill with an Extender Window

The information here describes what happens when you use SmartFill with an Extender window.

Extender is a set of generic windows and fields.  For example:

  • You can use Extender to create two objects with forms, such as Vehicles and Drivers.
  • When you first open an Extender window, it will open in Extender’s Window1, and it rearranges and aligns Field1 to Field25. Then when you open another Extender window, it will open it in Extender’s Window2. Here is how it works using the Vehicles and Drivers objects:
    • If you open Vehicles first, it will open in Extender’s Window1.
    • If you keep Vehicles open and then open Drivers, Drivers will appear in Extender’s Window2.
    • If you close all of the Extender windows, and then open Drivers first this time, Drivers will open in Window1.
    • If you keep Drivers open and then open Vehicles, Vehicles will now open in Window2.

To enable a SmartFill lookup in an Extender window, SmartFill has to get assigned in the Repository to the specific Extender window. If you choose Extender’s Window1 to do a Vehicle Lookup against that window, but you open the Drivers object through Extender first, the lookup for Vehicles will work in the Drivers object.

Overall, SmartFill can be used if you have a simple use for Extender. For example, if you just had Vehicles and nothing else, it will always work because you would only be opening Window1 with Vehicles each time. If you have a more complex use for Extender, the User would need to look into the option of opening all of the Extender windows in the correct order that SmartFill was setup for them and then leave them open if possible.

Note: Click the Knowledge Base article link below for steps on how to enable SmartFill functionality in a window field. Follow the steps in the To re-enable SmartFill functionality in a window field: section of the article.