Information on Whether Users Should Log Out During Install

Provides information on whether users should be logged out of Dynamics GP when you install a Rockton Software product, either for the first time or upgrading to a newer build.

It is always best practice to have all users out of Dynamics GP.

Citrix/Terminal Servers:
On most citrix/terminal servers, the installation process modifies the Dynamics.set file. If users are in GP sharing that Dynamics.set file, the installation will fail. So, all users need to be logged out of GP until the installation is complete.

Client Environment:
In a client environment where everyone has their own installation of GP, users other than the one logged into the workstation where the installation is occurring,can remain logged into GP without any problem.

Notes: For steps on installing a Rockton Software product, take a look at the KB article below.

Installing a Rockton Software product: First install or installing the latest build/newest version: