Update Transactions When Changes are Made to Omni Price Contracts

Explains how to update unposted transactions in Sales Order Processing or Invoicing after changing prices on your Omni Price contracts.

Omni Price includes three different ways to recalculate the new contract price:

  • Customer Pricing – Recalc Batch (recalculates all transactions in a Batch)
  • Customer Pricing – Recalc Trx (recalculate the entire invoice)
  • Customer Pricing – Recalc Line (recalculate a specific line item)

To use the Recalc Batch:

1. Open the Sales Batch Entry window under Transactions | Sales | Sales Batches.
2. Select the Batch you would like to recalculate.
3. Click Extras | Additional | Customer Pricing – Recalc Batch.

To use the Recalc Trx. or Line:

1. Open the Sales Transaction Entry window under Transactions | Sales | Sales Transaction Entry.
2. Select the Invoice you would like to change.
3. Click Extras | Additional | Customer Pricing – Recalc Trx or Customer Pricing – Recalc Line.