The Report Initialization file…rsci does not exist


While trying to print a report in DRM, you get the following error message.

The Report Initialization file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\DRMREPORTNAME.rsci does not exist. Please try again or contact support. If you are launching this executable directly, this is not a setup file, and is not intended to be launched directly.


The RSCI.exe file is the executable that DRM launches to generate a report. The .rsci file, which is a text file, often looks like REPORTNAME.rsci and it is generated the moment you launch a report in GP. DRM calls the RSCI.exe and passes the .rsci file as a parameter, uses it, and then destroys it.

The message is typically generated when:

A. The User printing the report does not have read/write access to the GP application folder.
B. You are using a Desktop Shortcut to launch the report and the .rsci file the shortcut is looking for has been deleted, renamed or moved.
C. You are double-clicking on the DRMCI11.exe file.

Note: The DRMCI11.exe is not an install file.


  1. Verify the user has read/write permissions to the Great Plains application folder.
  2. Verify the .rsci, referenced in the error message, exists in the Great Plains application folder.
  3. Do not double-click on the DRMC11.exe file.