The Install/Upgrade Window Continues to Appear When Logging into GP after Installing the Latest Build of Omni Price


After installing the latest build of Omni Price, you receive the install/upgrade window when you log into Dynamics GP.


This will happen if the latest build wasn’t installed on all workstations that currently have Omni Price installed.


Omni price 16.0.3 was installed on workstations A and B, but it was not installed on workstation C which is still on 16.0.2. When a user logs onto workstation C, they receive a message saying that they need to update Omni Price because the server (table WDC40001) identifies they should be on Version 16.0.3. Before downloading and installing Omni Price for Dynamics GP 2016 to workstation C, the user runs the Installation Wizard, which sets the WDC40001 table field value back to Version 16.0.2. Now, when users log into workstations A or B, they receive the message asking them to update because the server identifies they should be on Version 16.0.2. This loop will continue until Omni Price for Dynamics GP 2016 is downloaded and installed on workstation C.


Install the latest build on all workstations with Omni Price. To see which workstations still need Omni price installed, once you are logged into GP, go to one of the following windows:

  • Omni Price Setup:  Go to  Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Omni Price | Omni Price Setup
  • Omni Price Registration:  Go to Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Omni Price| Omni Price Setup and then click Registration.

To see what version the server table (WDC40001) has in it, go to the following window:

  • Rockton Software Support: Go to Help | Rockton Software Support.

To install Omni Price, follow the steps in Knowledge Base article: Installing a Rockton Software product: First install or installing the latest build/newest version.

Note: Our Version Pro tool is a free tool and keeps track of each product you have installed at the GP system level and takes the next step in ensuring that each and every workstation on your network is on the same version for every product. Contact our Sales or Support team for Version Pro registration keys ( or