Table Information for Contract Prices in Omni Price

The information here describes what tables store contract pricing information for Omni Price.

More Information:
Omni Price calculates prices on the fly based on the rules defined on the contract, therefore, the pricing information is not stored in a table. It is calculated during transaction entry or during a price check.

The information you see on a contract is stored in two tables.

  • WDC02101
  • WDC02102

The WDC02101 table is the Contract Header table. This will store the information you enter in the header portion of the contract.

The Pricing Matrix, or contract lines, are stored in the WDC02102 table. This is the Contract Line table. This stores the information you enter the Pricing Matrix section of the contract.

If you are looking for the pricing information in order to create a report, there is a SQL API that comes with the product download you can use to get the prices. You can access the API from the Rockton Software website.

Note:  If you want to see the Contract being used on each line item during transaction entry, you can use the Alternate SOP Entry window that is in the Omni Price dictionary. The purpose for providing this window is to show the Contract ID used in the bottom of the expanded line item.