Steps to Upgrade Auditor


Provides information to upgrade Auditor to a new build or when you upgrade Dynamics GP to a new version.


Resolution 1

Upgrade Auditor to the latest build using the same version of Dynamics GP

Follow these steps to upgrade Auditor to the latest build where Dynamics GP version is the same.

*If upgrading Dynamics GP as well, see Resolution 2 below.

  1. Go to the Product Downloads page.
  2. Under Product, select Auditor.
  3. Under All Version, select the GP Version you use.

  1. Click Download Selected. The file is typically saved in your download folder. You can save the file to the location that works best for you.
  2. Have all users log out of Microsoft Dynamics GP and make a complete restorable backup.
  3. Unzip the folder that you downloaded in step 4.
  4. Within the folder, right-click exe and choose Run as Administrator.
  5. Verify the path is to the correct Dynamics GP code folder and then click Install.
  6. Verify all files installed correctly and then click Exit.
  7. Launch GP using right-click and choose Run as Administrator.
  8. Click Yes to include new code.
  9. Log in as ‘sa’.
  10. Allow the install to complete.
  11. Install Auditor on any other machines.

Note: You do not need new registration keys if you only upgraded the Auditor build. If you changed the user count or site name at the same time, then new keys are needed. Contact for new registration keys.

Resolution 2

Upgrade Auditor to the latest build when upgrading Dynamics GP

If you upgraded Dynamics GP to a new version, for example GP2016 R2 to GP 18.2, you need to upgrade Auditor as well.

Follow these steps to upgrade Auditor to the latest build for the new version of Dynamics GP.

  1. Verify you have new registration keys for Auditor on the new Dynamics GP version. If you have not already received them, you may contact for new keys.
  2. Export existing audit groups from the current version of Dynamics GP to have as a backup if needed.
    1. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Auditor | Audit Groups.
    2. Select a Group ID.
    3. Click Actions | Export Group.
    4. Path to a location to save your groups.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Follow these steps for each group.
  3. Upgrade Dynamics GP as you normally would, including 3rd party tables and procs.

Note: If you are upgrading over multiple versions of GP remember that you can only skip over one major GP version.  We do recommend that you install the latest build of Auditor on each major version of GP.  (For example, if you upgrade from GP 2013 to GP 2018, you could upgrade to GP 2016 and update Auditor to the latest build for GP 2016 before you upgrade GP to GP 2018. In this example, you skipped GP 2015.)

  1. Follow steps 1 – 14 from the previous section to install the latest build of Auditor.
  2. Verify Auditor is working correctly and there are no errors on the Audit Groups.

More Information:

If you receive a message that a newer build is available after installing the latest build and logging back into Microsoft Dynamics GP, see Knowledge Base article: The Install/Upgrade Wizard window continues to appear when users log into Dynamics GP.

If you are upgrading GP 2018 to any higher build, you will need new Auditor registration keys.  This includes GP 18.2, GP 18.3, and any future 18.X builds for GP.  This also means that if you install the GP year-end update for GP 2018, you will need new Auditor registration keys, as the GP year-end update takes you to GP 18.3