Steps to print DRM reports from workstations without GP

How can a user who has not installed Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains use DRM to launch reports from their workstation? A DRM Desktop Shortcut Launch Point can be created to accomplish this.

Recommendation: 1. Create a “dummy” Great Plains (GP) folder on the user’s workstation.

2. Install the Dynamics Report Launcher (DRMCI11.exe) in the GP folder created in Step 1.
NOTE:The Dynamics Report Launcher will need to be installed on all workstations you wish to use DRM to launch reports from.

3. Create a Desktop Shortcut Launch Point from a workstation which has GP installed.
a. Under the Admin View in DRM select Launch Points
b. Click on New Launch Point
c. Select Desktop Shortcut as the Launch Point Type, enter a New Launch Point ID and click OK
d. Click on the Reports tab and select the report you would like to print. NOTE Only SQL or Crystal Reports are allowed when creating a Desktop Shortcut Launch Point
e. Under the Settings tab click on Create Shortcut and Save

4. Verify the Desktop Shortcut is successfully working.

5. Copy the DesktopShortcutREPORTNAMTE.rsci file, located in the GP application folder, to the “dummy” GP folder created in Step 1.

6. Copy and paste the actual shortcut from the workstation with GP to the workstation without GP installed.

7. Once the shortcut has been copied to the other workstation, right click on it and select Properties to edit the shortcut with the correct Target and Start in information.

8. If the workstation without GP has a different DSN you will need to edit the .rsci file to have the correct DSN information as well. a. Right-click on the .rsci file and select to open with Notepad b. Edit the DSN information and save the file

Example: Below is an example using the information above.

1. Create a dummy GP folder – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP
2. DRMCI11.exe installed – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP
3. Launch Point ID – Commissions Report
4. Tested Successfully
5. Copy the DesktopSortcutCommissionsReport.rsci into the dummy GP folder
6. Copy the Commissions Report short cut to the other user’s Desktop
7. Edit the shortcut – Target = “C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Dynamics\GP\DRMCI11.exe” ” DesktopShortcutCommissionsReport.rsci”