SmartList: Giving a user access to see Audits in SmartList

The following steps will go through giving a user (non-POWERUSER, non-Auditor Admin) access to the Auditor SmartLists.

Go into one of the user’s assigned Security Roles and make sure that they have access to the Audits SmartList Object.

  1. Open the Dynamics GP Security Task Setup window and select the following you will see these two SmartList object boxes.
    • Task ID = (User’s Task)
    • Product = SmartList
    • Type= SmartList Object
    • Series = SmartList Objects
    • Then, mark the Audits checkbox in the list of Operations.
  2. If the users need to see E-Signs or Security Audits, mark those checkboxes, too.


SmartList security is managed through Dynamics GP security. By default, the ADMIN_AUDITOR_01 Security Task, which POWERUSERS have, has access to everything related to Auditor.