Running multiple instances of DRM

Can we run multiple instances of DRM on one server?

Yes, you can run multiple separate instances of DRM on one server. However, you must have multiple separate instances of GP in separate instances of SQL Server as well. In addition, the separate instances will need to run on the same version of Crystal.

Recommended steps:

1.  Install DRM part 1 and part 2 to one of the GP instances
2.  Copy the DRMCI11exe file and DRM.cnk file to each of the other GP instance folders
Note:  You do not need to install the Launcher again in the other GP instances
3.  Log into GP as ‘sa’ or “DYNSA’ and go to Tools>>Setup>>Dynamics Report Manager>>Dynamics Report Manager Setup
4.  Select the Install/Upgrade and click on Process on each workstation where you want DRM to be installed