Dynamics GP Toolbox Menu Missing After Installation

You downloaded a Rockton Software product and installed it on your environment/workstation.  However, when you launch Dynamics GP, you are unable to see the Rockton menu.

Example of Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Toolbar with ALL Rockton Software products installed.

More Information:

Verify the Rockton product is installed.

  1. From the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, go to Tools | Setup | Edit Launch File.
  2. Confirm the Rockton Software product is listed. If it is not listed, it may not have installed in your environment/workstation.

All Rockton Software products are designed to un-chunk to the Dynamics GP Dynamics.set file. If you are using a shortcut from your desktop to access Dynamics GP, make sure the shortcut target is pointing to the correct Dynamics.set file. This is especially important if you are using multiple Dynamics GP shortcuts for multiple environments. Also, be sure you have installed the software on each workstation where you have Dynamics GP installed.

For steps on installing a Rockton Software product, take a look at the KB article below.
Installing a Rockton Software product: First install or installing the latest build/newest version: https://www.rocktonsoftware.com/gp/resources/knowledge-base-item/lists/kb_allproducts/installing-the-latest-build-newest-version