Report flashes on screen then disappears

Why does a report flash then disappear when I am printing it to the screen using the Viewer?

When printing a Crystal report to the Viewer  in DRM, the Crystal print engine process looks at  several things including the printer ID, before displaying the report in the Viewer. If the printer is set up wrong, has bad drivers or anything is amiss with it, the print engine will stop running causing the report to not print to the Viewer.

One might conclude that since other reports print fine with that Printer ID displayed , that this recommendation doesn’t pertain. However, this issue can occur with one or several reports, while other reports print fine when that Printer ID is displayed.


  1. Try removing the printer setting so that the printer field is blank.
  2. Print your report to the Viewer again.

If the report prints to the Viewer successfully, then there is something corrupt with that printer set up. You will need to re-install it with the most recent version.