Record Not Found error message.

When trying to print a report in DRM I’m getting a “Record Not Found” error message. What can I do to resolve this message? This error message typically indicates the report is not connecting to the database correctly.


1. Check to see if you are getting the same error message when printing the report directly in Crystal Reports. When printing the report in Crystal Reports verify you are using the same DSN, Username and Password you have entered in DRM. If you are getting the same error message you will need to correct it within Crystal Reports.

2. You may also want to Verify Database in the report, or set the DSN in the report to a brand new DSN to flush out any connectivity problems.

3. Verify the DSN, Username and Password you are using are correct in DRM. To check the global settings go to Admin View | Global Report Defaults. To check the specific report go to Admin View | Reports | Select the report | Click on the Connection tab.