Pricing Methods used in RPM Connectors


Describes the Pricing Methods available in the RPM Connectors for Rockton Pricing Management.


There are three Pricing Methods available to use with RPM and the RPM Connectors. The Price Schedule used in any method depends on the ERP. For example, Dynamics GP has a matching Price Schedule for each Price Level used. Acumatica has a matching Price Schedule for each Price Class. The Price Level and Price Class determine the Price Schedule.

Always uses the price Schedule that defaults onto the transaction. For example, if Dynamics GP has a Price Level of Retail and is the default for the Sales Transaction Line, then it uses the Retail Price Schedule.

A more advanced method for assigning a Price Schedule to a transaction. When you enter a transaction, RPM reviews the valid Price Schedules in RPM and uses the first Price Schedule found matching the information on the transaction. This allows for more complex pricing scenarios.

When selected, both Static and Dynamics pricing methods are used. You are prompted to specify which Price Schedule to use (Static Pricing) or leave the Price Schedule blank and where a Price Schedule is selected for you (Dynamic Pricing). This allows the flexibility of allowing a specific Price Schedule to default, allow the user to override the Price Schedule, or use Dynamic Pricing to determine the best Price Schedule for the scenario.