Price Used On Item When Item Belongs To Multiple Filters


Explains what price is used when an item is in the Pricing Matrix in Omni Price more than once due to filters.

More Information:

The Pricing Matrix is used to enter the pricing information for items. You may enter the items as individual lines, created filters for groups of items with the same price method, and an all items line that will include everything else. When entering a transaction or doing a Price Check, Omni Price will find the price based on the following order if the item is included in more than one line.

  • Individual Line
  • Filter
  • All items


Individual Item Line

Item 128 SDRAM is part of the Servers filter so it is in the Pricing Matrix three times. As an individual line at one price, in the Servers filter with a different price, and the all items line with yet a different price. When used on a Sales Transaction, the price will be $50.00 because Omni Price will look for the individual price first.

Multiple Filters

Item 128 SDRAM exists in both the Other Filter and Servers Filters. When the item is used on a Sales Transaction, the Other Filters price will be used. This is because it is the first filter Omni Price will find. It will use the first filter (in alphabetical order) and will not look any further.

All Items

Item 128 SDRAM is an individual line in the Pricing Matrix. When this item is used, it will discount the item 20% of the List Price. Any other item used will be 15% discount of list price since an all item line has been created in the Pricing Matrix.

Note: When Omni Price searches for pricing it will first look for valid contracts and find any contracts that includes the Item. If more than one contract is valid, it will look at the priority of the contracts.