pcimportTask failed. SprocStatus: 50000

This article replaces TK00125


When attempting to import new Tasks for a Project, you receive the following error.

pcimportTask failed. SprocStatus: 50000


The Project Cost import function does not support importing new Tasks if the Project already has Tasks.


Manually create a Task for the Project.

  1. Go to Project Cost | Cards | Task Setup.
  2. After entering the Project ID, a task may be assigned to a Project ID.
  3. Enter the Name of the Task ID and Description.
  4. Mark the boxes for the Allowed Cost Categories.
  5. Mark the boxes for the Allowed Sales.

Note: A Customer must be assigned on the Project ID for the Allowed Sales boxes to be enabled.

  1. If needed, enter a Markup Percent.
  2. Mark the box for No Markup if the task does not require a markup charge.
  3. In the Purchase Re-Price Options field, select either Use Budget Price or Re-Calculate Price.
    1. Use Budget Price – system will not re-calculate selling price if a PO has a purchase price variance.
    2. Re-Calculate Price – system will re-calculate selling price if a PO has a purchase price variance.
  4. Task Status: select Quote, Open, or Closed status.
  5. Date Open defaults in the date you created the Task.
  6. If needed, select the Task Type and Sub Type from the lookup window.


The PC Task Options window allows you to enter Time Entry Default Billing Descriptions and Task Level User-Define Values.


The PC Task Accounts window assigns the default General Ledger distribution positing accounts for projects.


The PC Task Labor Rates window assigns override rates at the Task level for workers by (Employee Class or Employee) for Pay Codes and/or Expense Codes.

Sales Tax:

The PC Task Sales Tax Setup window provides an override of the standard sales tax schedule assignment in GP Sales Order Processing.

User Defined:

Project Cost provides 41 additional User-Defined fields at the Task level.