Out of memory error

How do I stop receiving an “Out of Memory” error message when printing reports on a citrix server with GP installed?

This error is typically caused by permission or DSN connection issues.


Check the settings on the server where the Dynamics Reports Manager is installed. If the users have admin rights to the local computer it will work. However, if you don’t want users to have local admin rights to the server, then add either the user or the group to the DRMCI11.exe file through the DRMCI11.exe Properties window.

It could also be caused by the runtime engine not having write access to the application folder.  The probable cause for this on the new versions of Windows is User Access Control (UAC). UAC will block write access to the C:\Program Files folder to prevent malacious software installing itself. You may need to disable the UAC, but this will cause the system to be less secure.