Old build number stays the same

When installing the latest build of a product, it won’t update the build number, and the old build number stays the same. Why?

We’ve had specific experience with this on an upgrade of Omni Tools v9 build 2 to build 5.  When installing build 5 over build 2, the build number would not update.  The cause is due to a rare update error with Dexterity dictionaries, where the unchunking process does not complete correctly.  Only part of the new chunk file unchunks and latches onto the old dictionary.

To remedy this situation, and other odd behaviors with chunk updates, first delete the [Product].DIC dictionary file (in this case OmniTool.dic), and then copy the chunk (.cnk) file into the GP directory.  Upon unchunking, the complete and full dictionary will rebuild itself, often fixing this and other odd problems.