Missing Tables on the PC SQL Maintenance Window


Tables missing from PC SQL Maintenance during Project Cost upgrade.


  1. Company database is offline.
  2. Company database is not selected.


Resolution 1:

Bring the SQL Server Database Online.

  1. Left click Windows Start.
  2. Select the folder Microsoft SQL Server Tools.
  3. Click Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  4. Object Explorer should open automatically, if not click View | Object Explorer (F8).
  5. In the Object Explorer, click Connect | Database Engine…
  6. Enter the following information.
    • Server Name
    • Authentication
    • Login
    • Password
  7. Click Connect.


Resolution 2:

Select the Company Database.

  1. In the PC SQL Maintenance window, click Databases,
  2. Mark the box for the Company database.
  3. Click OK.
  4. The PC SQL Maintenance window reloads the list of Tables and Objects.