Mass-modifying report destinations in DRM

How do I modify several report destinations in DRM following a recent migration?

To mass-modify all the report destinations in DRM, we recommend using an experienced SQL person to update the DRM tables in the back-end with an UPDATE statement.  If there are only a few reports, updating the destination manually is an alternative route.

The DRM tables can be located using the Tables Resources available in GP.  This is under Tools >> Resource Descriptions >> Tables.  The DRM table holding the Reports is in the DYNAMICS database and is called DRM101.  The Destinations related to these reports are in the DRM104 table.  The field in the DRM104 table to update would be the DRM_PDF_Filename field.

An update statement would look something like this:
UPDATE DRM104 SET DRM_PDF_Filename = ‘new stuff’ WHERE etc. etc. etc.

If you want to update the Report Technical Name field in your reports, you take a look at the following information to see how that update statement would be written:

–if this is what you want updated

SELECT DRM_Report_Tech_Name FROM DRM101

–then here’s how to test that you have it correct

SELECT DRM_Report_Tech_Name, NewReportName = REPLACE(DRM_Report_Tech_Name,‘Old Folder’,‘My New Folder’) FROM DRM101

–and here’s how to implement that change; MAKE SURE YOUR REPLACE STATEMENT MATCHES THE STEP ABOVE

UPDATE DRM101 SET DRM_Report_Tech_Name = REPLACE(DRM_Report_Tech_Name,‘Old Folder’,‘My New Folder’)