SmartFill Lookup on Field with Two Values


When using SmartFill on the Wennsoft Time Tracking window in the field labeled Job Number, the SmartFill Make a Selection window returns the Service Call Number instead.


Wennsoft has designed this specific window field to show one of two values based on a condition in their code; either the Service Call Number, or the Job Number.  Based on what the user has selected on the Time Tracking Entry window, the field label changes from Service Call Number to Job Number, or vice-versa.

SmartFill is designed to do a lookup based on a specified field. If that field name changes from Service Call Number to Job Number based on a condition in that window, SmartFill has no way of knowing that and will continue to perform the Lookup on the Service Call Number field. SmartFill is unable to do a lookup on a field of this type.