Locked Users table location

Why am I getting prompted to enter a location for the Locked Users table?

When using the feature to lock Users out of Dynamics GP after they have made three unsuccessful password attempts by checking the box at the bottom of the Omni Tools – Omni Password window, you will be required to enter a location for the Locked Users table.

This is the pathname of the table that stores the Users that have been locked out. This table is a Ctree table, not a SQL table.  That means instead of creating the table on the SQL Server with the other tables in the system, Omni Tools will create two files called RSOT001.dat and RSOT001.idx in whatever location you enter.

We recommend that it be a UNC pathname because if it is just a mapped drive, then every User would have to have that very same drive letter mapped exactly the same way in order for it to work. UNC doesn’t require a drive letter.