Integrated security (Trusted Connection)

Does DRM work with integrated security (Trusted Connection)?

Because we capture the direct-SQL login credentials of the user logged into GP, GP does not support trusted connections so DRM does not either. Trusted Connections can work if the report does not need any database location changes, but this is rare.

When we run a Crystal Report, we have to supply login credentials to the SQL Server to change which database to pull from. All we have is the SQL login from GP.

If the Override Report Credentials option is being used in the Dynamics Report Manager Global Reports Defaults window, check to see if the Crystal Report connection was created using a SQL direct connection. If the report was created using a Trusted Connection it will need to be updated to use a SQL direct connections.

a. Open the report you are working with in Crystal Reports
b. Go to Database |Set Datasource Location
c. Click to expand the properties

If you see Trusted Connection:1 listed under properties this indicates the connection was created using a Trusted Connection.

To change the connection double click on Trusted Connection and change it to Trusted Connection:0. After updating the connection make sure to Verify Database or reconnect to the SQL data source within Crystal Reports before printing the report using DRM.