Installed the latest build of DRM, now getting 'Error 429: ActiveX component can’t create object'

The following error message is thrown after you installed the latest build of DRM.

Error 429: ActiveX component can’t create object

This error message indicates that the DRM Crystal report launcher is out of date.  The updated version of the launcher file will need to be installed.

Recommendation :

Use the following steps to update your DRM Crystal Launcher

1.  Using Add/Remove Programs uninstall the Dynamics Report Manager Launcher for Crystal.

NOTE: Uninstalling the Launcher file will not remove any of your current DRM setup or settings.

2.  Download and install the Dynamics Report Manager Crystal Launcher for Crystal. This is labeled Part 1 of 2. The file downloaded will be titled DRMLauncherCR11SetupC.exe. This Installshield package will install the Crystal Components used for launching Crystal reports. It must be installed on every workstation or server where printing will occur. Make SURE you install it to the Great Plains installation directory.

3.  Copy the DRMCI11.exe file from the DRM build you recently installed and paste it into the Great Plains application folder. Select Yes to overwrite the file you installed in step 2.