How to set up a Table Audit to Track Changes to a Vendor card


The information here describes how you can set up Auditor to track changes made to your Vendor card in Microsoft Dynamics GP.



Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Auditor | Audit Groups.
  2. Select a current Group ID or create a new one.
  3. Click the Add | Table Audit.
  4. Enter PM00200 and then double click the Microsoft Dynamics GP PM Vendor Master File table.
  5. Mark the Track Changes checkbox.
  6. Mark the Ref checkbox for the Vendor Name field.
  7. Mark the appropriate Audit checkboxes for the Field Names your company wants to track changes for. For example, you could mark the Audit checkboxes for the following fields. Note: Each company is different and may want to track changes to different fields.
  • Vendor Check Name
  • Vendor Status
  • 1099 Box Number
  • 1099 Type
  • Address 1
  • City
  • Hold
  • Payment Terms ID
  • Phone Number 1
  • Shipping Method
  • State
  • Tax Schedule ID
  • Zip Code

8.  Click OK.
9.  Click Save.


  • If you want the User to add a Note for the change, mark the Note checkbox for that specific field.
  • If you need to notify the Auditor System Administrator(s) about the change, for Form and Table Audits, you can select the field, click the Field Options Radio button, and then mark to Notify System Administrators.
  • If you need to track when a Vendor record is added and/or deleted, in Step 5 above, mark the Add and/or Delete checkboxes to track Adds and Deletes.
  • If you need to track changes made to directly to the SQL Table (PM00200), you would want to set up a SQL Table Audit for the PM00200 table. For example, in step 3 above, you would select SQL Table Audit.
  • To see a video on how to create a Table Audit on the PM Vendor Master File and view Auditor records, click here.