How to Disable Project Cost in a Dynamics GP Company


The steps here explain how to disable Project Cost in a Dynamics GP company.


  1. Go to Project Cost | Utilities | SQL Maintenance.
  2. From the menu, click Project Cost and then select Additional Processes.
  3. Under the Remove Project Cost Components, click Remove on the following.
    • Company views
    • Company stored procedures
    • Company user functions
    • Company triggers
    • Company Jobs
  4. Click Close.

  1. On the PC SQL Maintenance window, perform the following.
    1. Select Tables.
    2. Click Mark All.
    3. Click on Database column header to sort so DYNAMICS database tables are at the top.
    4. Uncheck the DYNAMICS tables.
    5. In the Menu, click More and then click Delete.
    6. Click Back and close the window.