How Filter Restrictions work

Why don’t the Filter restrictions I set return the results I expect?

If any one of the restrictions are false, then that Customer or Item, or whatever the Filter is for is not included with that filter.  Another way to look at this is that the filter restrictions ALL have to be true for the customer, etc., to be part of the filter.  As soon as a restriction is found to be false, the evaluation stops because it sees the whole thing as being false.  From a technical perspective, Filter restrictions are designed to work on an “OR’ basis, not on an “AND” basis.

Another consideration is the fact that the restrictions are not evaluated in the order they are displayed on the Customer Filter Maintenance window, for example. They are evaluated in an internal, hard-coded order that is always the same regardless of the order that they appear in the list (i.e., Date restrictions will always get evaluated before the Type restriction). So, if the Date restriction is false, then it will never even look at the Type restriction because it doesn’t have to.  If any one of them is false, then the whole thing is false.