How do I set up a price of zero for GP pricing, a fixed price on an Omni Price Contract, then apply a discount to that price?

How can I set up an item with a price of zero for the GP pricing, then set a fixed price in an Omni Price contract, then apply a discount to that price?

There are two approaches that you can choose to use to achieve this.

Note that in order for these scenarios to make sense, I have included actual prices. However, you can use whatever prices you would like.

Scenario A:
Set up contract 1 with a fixed price of $18.73.  (Note that since it’s fixed price, there is no “markdown amount” calculated in the Markdown Mode of “Use Markdown Amount, Default Account” for example, and that when doing fixed price this setting doesn’t really get used.)
Then set up Contract 2 with a fixed price of $16.48.  In this model, there is no markdown amount of $2.25. The lower price will be used when a filter criteria (item, date, etc.) is used for specific circumstances. For example, take the holiday season in December. You could set up a Date Filter for December 1-31, and the lower price would then be applied during just those dates.

Scenario B:
The next approach would be to set the Standard Cost (or some other value like Current Cost or List Price) to $18.73.  This will be the “basis” that everything uses.  Contract 1 will be set at 100% of Standard Cost (i.e. equal to the basis amount).  Then Contract 2 can use the Markdown Mode and set the price to a Fixed Adjustment of -2.25 or a percent off or some other calculation off of the basis amount.  In both cases, an Omni Price contract will be assigned to a given line so you can track what happened.