RSA Event ID Field Cannot be Set because it has been Locked Message when Creating a Go To


When creating a new Go To in SmartList Builder to be used with Auditor, you receive the following error.

The RSA Event ID field cannot be set because it has been locked.


The error is being generated from SmartList Builder rather than Auditor. You may receive this message for other GP windows as well.

When creating a custom SmartList using SmartList Builder, you cannot create a Go To for a window that does not have editable fields. In this case, the Auditor Inquiry window is not editable so you receive the message. This is to prevent data damage with Go To’s.

Previously, Microsoft changed the code in GP, so a Go To won’t allow you to set a field that is disabled. The message is not that the actual field is locked in Auditor, but rather SmartList Builder is locking it because you can’t use it.


To allow users to open some inquiry windows, Microsoft created Advanced Go To’s. Unfortunately, they only work for some windows (Payables Trx Inquiry, Sales Inquiry, and a couple of other GP windows).

Advanced Go To’s will not work in this situation. There are instances you can get it to work by creating a Go To that executes a procedure but, there are no Auditor procedures available to do this. You can create the SmartList, but the drill-back will not work to the Audit Inquiry.