Everything is setup correctly but Inactivity Timeout is not working?

Everything is setup correctly but Inactivity Timeout is not working?

The Inactivity Timeout uses a small macro file which it creates and executes “on-the-fly” to replicate the user selecting File >> Exit. This macro file was written into the application folder, the latest builds from version 7.50 onwards will now use the current user’s temp folder.

If you have denied write permission to the application folder with the earlier builds it can prevent the Inactivity Timeout from exiting as it is unable to create the macro file it needs. The latest builds of version 7.5 onwards will also log the issue or failing to create the macro file, if the WDC_Debug setting in the Dex.ini file is set to LOG.

Also, it is possible that the permissons were corrupted. This can happen when a user installing Omni Tools is not logging into GP as ‘sa’ or a user with ‘sa’ rights. Run the Grant.sql script against the Dynamics database. Omni Tools Inactivity Timeout feature should begin functioning correctly.

The Automatic Check facility doesn’t take effect until the next login into GP. So, if Users did not log out of GP and back into it, the Automatic Check facility is not able to process.

Lastly, if the terminal session (or Citrix) times out, and that actually stops the running of the GP session, then the inactivity timeout feature would not work.  Since GP would not be running anymore, Omni Tools would not be either, so it would have no chance to do anything.