Error: "Unhandled object exception: Class not registered"

* Note This KB is written specifically for Dynamics GP Toolbox, however, you may see this error when installing SmartFill, Omni Price, Auditor, or Dynamics Report Manager as well. These same resolutions will work for those products as well. Where you see Toolbox, replace it with the appropriate product. (I.E. SmartFill.dic, Auditor.dic)

After installing Dynamics GP Toolbox, you are recieving the following error message.

Unhandled object exception: Class not registered

This error message typically indicates that the Dynamics GP Toolbox RegisterAssembly.bat didn’t run properly.


Resolution 1:
Be sure that you have fresh backups made before attempting any troubleshooting steps.

    1. Close Dynamics GP.
    2. In the Dynamics GP application folder, find the file called RegisterAssembly.bat.
      – Example of file location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2016
    3. Right-click on the RegisterAssembly.bat file and select Run as Administrator.
      – You will most likely be prompted by User Account Control asking for permission to allow the file to run.
    4. After the batch file is finished running, open the Dynamics GP application folder again.
    5. Locate the TOOLBOX.DIC and delete it.
    6. In the Dynamics GP Toolbox install folder, copy the Toolbox.cnk file into the Dynamics GP application folder.
    7. Launch Dynamics GP and log in as ‘sa’.
    8. Once Dynamics GP is finished initializing, go to Tools | Setup | Dynamics GP Toolbox | Dynamics GP Toolbox Setup.
    9. Click the Setup tab and then click Install/Upgrade Dynamics GP Toolbox.
    10. Complete the installation.


Resolution 2:

  1. Make a backup and have all users exit GP.
  2. Use query analyzer and run the following statements against the TempDB:

  4. Delete any existing Toolbox.dic file and run the install again.