Path is not a Valid Pathname

When opening a report in the Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) Report Maintenance window, you receive the following error message:

Path is not a valid pathname.

Cause 1:
The Crystal Reports do not have an ODBC connection. Instead they have a SQL Server connection.

Cause 2:
The pathname has special characters in it. For example: C:\Reports (Crystal Reports)\Sales Invoice #3.rpt.

Cause 3:
The user does not have access to the location where the report file is saved.

Resolution 1:

  1. Make a copy of the Crystal Report as a backup.
  2. Then follow the instructions in KB: How to create a new ODBC Data Source and then Set Database Location in Crystal Reports.

Resolution 2:

Remove the special characters in the path.

  1. Review the path to the report and the report file name.
  2. Rename the folders that contain special characters. If the folder and report file names have special characters, rename them similar to the following:
    1. Folder name: Reports Crystal Reports
    2. File name: Sales Invoice 3.rpt

Resolution 3:

Change the folder permissions for the file location by following one of the steps below.

  1. Give the user permission to the folder where the file is located.
  2. Change the file location to a folder where the user has permission.