Error – Logon Unexpected Exception

This article replaces TK00128.


When attempting to logon to the Web Suite portal for the first time after installing Project Cost, you receive the following error.


Dexterity Shared Components were not installed during Dynamics GP install.


  1. From the Dynamics GP media, open the Setup.exe file.
  2. The Dynamics GP Bootstrapper Setup window opens and you can choose to install the missing component.
  3. Click Dynamics GP.
  4. Select the primary country or region where you do business in the Country/ Region Selection window and click Next.
  5. Follow the instructions in the windows to accept the software license agreement.
  6. In the Select Features window, select the features to install.
  7. Specify where the Dynamics GP files should be installed.
  8. Enter the name of the SQL Server and click Next.
  9. Select the system database name you are upgrading and click Next.
  10. Click Install.
  11. Click Exit.