Error – Approval_IntializeData


When attempting to approve Project Cost transactions on the portal, you receive the following error.

Unexpected SQL Exception


Approval Transaction table (pc90510) needs truncated in SQL or recreated in Project Cost.


Resolution 1: 

Truncate table pc90510 in SQL.

  1. Make a full backup.
  2. Run the following script in SQL.
     TRUNCATE TABLE pc90510

Resolution 2:

Recreate table pc90510 in Project Cost.

  1. Go to Project Cost | Utilities | SQL Maintenance.
  2. Mark ‘pcApproval_Transactions’, and then click More
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the table.
  5. Click Back.

  1. Mark the box for table ‘pcApproval_Transactions’ and click Process.
  2. Click Back.
  3. Close the PC SQL Maintenance window.

Note: Your version of Project Cost will display in the Verified Ver column and the Table State column will display Current.