Dynamics GP Toolbox Implementation Tips

Provides helpful information on implementing, installing, and setting up Dynamics GP Toolbox.

Below is information regarding the install and implementation of Toolbox. If you would like Rockton Software to perform the implementation or you would like detailed training on Auditor, contact our sales team for a quote on those services.

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1. Discover

Before installing Toolbox, it is helpful to meet with all necessary parties and determine the following:

  • What tools do you want and need to enable.
  • What groups do you need to create if using Inactivity Timeout.
  • Who will be administrators for the tools, especially if using System Lockout.

2. Download

The latest build of our Product can be found on our website using the link below. Select your version of Microsoft Dynamics GP and then mark the Product to download. You may also download the user guide.

Product Downloads


1. Install

Toolbox should be installed on all machines where Microsoft Dynamics GP code is installed. If it is not installed, actions performed by users will not be captured by the tools. We also recommend all users are logged out of GP while doing the installs.

The following KB provides helpful information on installing our products.

Installing a Rockton Software product: first install or installing the latest build/newest version

2. Time

The first install will take the most time as this is when tables, stored procedures, etc. are built. Typically, the install takes 5-10 minutes. The remaining workstations will take less time as it is             installing the code only.

3. Reg Keys

After the install is complete, be sure to enter the registration keys that were provided to you by the sales team. Ensure that they are valid after being entered. If not, contact                                               sales@rocktonsoftware.com to assist you.

Set Up

1. Security

Assign the Toolbox Admin security roles to the necessary users. They will be able to access the System Settings window to enable or disable tools and be able to set them up. For other users,              there is no additional role needed. Necessary security is added to the DEFAULTUSER task.

2. System Settings

The System Settings window is used to enable the tools you wish to use. Enable and set up the tools you are going to use. Below is a list of the tools and the estimated time to configure each tool.


1. Test

After you have enabled your tools, we recommend you test them to make sure you get the results you are expecting.

2. Train

Train your users based on the tools enabled. For example, if Payment Approvals have been enabled, let them know how payments will work going forward.


1. Current Version

Periodically we release a new build of Toolbox. We recommend you install the most recent build if possible. This will ensure you have the latest bug fixes and newest enhancements. Use the              link about to access the Product Downloads page.

More Information:

Below are additional KB articles that may assist you in implementing Toolbox.

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