Dynamics GP Not Launching After New Client Workstation Install

This article replaces TK00121.


When you launch Dynamics GP for the first time after a new workstation install, you receive one of the following errors.

Microsoft Dynamics has stopped working...
ProjectCostLibrary.dll is not registered
Unable to find table/unable to include new code


Windows blocks files during the Project Cost install process.  Group Policy settings control this and affects the install procedures.


  1. To see if files are blocked, locate and check the following files.
    • Application.ProjeCost.dll
    • OlympicSystems.Common.dll
    • OlympicSystems.ProjectCost.Addin.dll
    • OlympicSystems.ProjectCost.Dynamics.dll
    • PC1803k01.cnk (your version could be different)
    • PC232.DIC (your version could be different)
    • PC232.chm (your version could be different)
    • OlympicSystems.ProjectCost.Addin.dll (if your version has the AddIns folder)
  2. Right-click on the files and select Properties.

Note: If the file is blocked, the Unblock button appears in the bottom Security section.

  1. To unblock a file, click Unblock.
  2. Click Apply and then click OK.