DRM reports disappear from the Extras menu

We have some user stating sometimes their DRM reports disappear from the Extras menu. Why is this happening? It is possible that people are logging into Great Plains and opening windows before DRM has had a chance to fully initialize. Great Plains will need to initialize fully before a user can access their DRM Extras menus. This is usually indicated by the username and company. name in the upper left turning from grey to black.

During the initialization process Great Plains is loading all the products listed in the Dynamics.set file. You can move your DRM references in the Dynamics.set file up in the list as well, which will make them load sooner. However, because the initialization process is a feature of Great Plains users will need to allow Great Plains to fully initialize before trying to access the Extra’s menu.

Anytime a user is in a screen where a report does not appear, have them close just that window and re-open it, and it should appear again.