DRM automatically add new users to a report(s)

When we grant access using security classes/roles, why doesn’t DRM automatically add new users to a report(s)?

DRM’s Access Tab allows the administrator to set security for a report to specified users and companies. Users appear up to twice in the Selected Users list, once under “(All Users)” and then again if they are in a class. The class grouping is for convenience only; security is still granted or denied at a per-user level.

Therefore, if a user is added to the system later while a given report has access for a given class, that specific user will not have access to a given report until the administrator grants access. Of course, choosing “All Users have Access” eliminates this issue and will always allow all users access to the report, including new system users added later. The Company list behaves similarly. Only users specified on the left that are logged into marked companies on the right will have access to print this report.

The default for All Users and All Companies have Access is copied from the Global Report Settings screen during report creation.