July Celebrations

Jul 27, 2023

Here at Rockton we like to celebrate all things, big and small, that bring joy to our lives.  We thought it would be fun to share our July celebrations with you and hopefully spread the joy around! Here are a few things the Rockton family celebrated this month.


What to celebrate, the fact that fair week is over or the fact that my girls have such an amazing opportunity to participate in our local county fair through their 4-H horse project.  Or both! During the fair, these girls are up with the sun doing chores, taking care, and grooming horses, or getting ready for their competitions.  The three of us came home mentally, physically exhausted, covered in bruises, sun kissed, and with sore muscles, all prices we would pay again for the lessons learned and the confidence and courage gained. My biggest regret was I stopped videoing when one of my girls fell off her horse during a run.  What I didn’t get to capture, was her getting right back on that horse, finishing her run with pride and a great big smile. It was the epitome of how I hope she continues to live life.


Mark & I celebrated 30 years of marriage July 17! 

Also excited that we achieved Gold Certification with Acumatica.

Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kaleigh & Mandy this month!

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