I Survived My First GPUG & CRMUG Summit

Oct 26, 2015

Hi all, my name is Elise Rooney, and I’m pleased to introduce myself as the most recent addition to the Rockton Software team! After spending a couple years working in the sports industry, I am thrilled to be joining the immensely talented, intelligent, and fun-loving crew that you all know as Rockton.

After a successful first week on the job, Kelli Sexton, CEO, thought it best to have me attend the GPUG and CRMUG Summit in Reno, Nevada with the rest of the Sales & Marketing team. She’s a strong believer in the sink or swim theory, and I was no doubt being thrown right into the deep end!

Believe me when I say I had no clue what to expect from the Summit. Would it be like the tech conferences I’d seen mocked in the movies with overzealous nerds donning suspenders and bow ties cheering at each session? Would it be like a middle school dance where everyone just stands along the wall and avoids eye contact? It couldn’t actually be fun and enjoyable could it?

Well. . . I’m happy to report that my experience at the Summit was incredible! I got to see Rockton Software in action as our company was a premier sponsor of both the CRMUG Summit and GPUG Summit. Yes, that means Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, was able steal the show for a few minutes in order to serenade the crowd with his famous Rockton themed jingles.

As a premier sponsor, Rockton Software had two booths in the expo hall, one for our Microsoft GP add-on products that make work simpler & easier®, and another booth promoting Rockton Connect, small business accounting solution built inside Microsoft CRM. It was great meeting with current customers and introducing prospective customers to our software solutions. At the GP booth, we even held a contest for attendees to win a brand new Amazon Echo!

In addition to exhibiting in the expo hall, there were countless opportunities to teach and learn with fellow attendees. Mark presented a total of seven sessions, the majority of which were Microsoft CRM and Rockton Connect focused. Technical Sales Lead, Alicia Weigel, also taught two very well attended partner showcase sessions, detailing all of our Microsoft GP add-on products. I attended several of the Rockton Software sessions personally and loved learning from our own team!

As my week of cultural immersion at the Summit drew to a close, I couldn’t help but smile. As exhausted as I was, the excitement of belonging to such a welcoming community and company was overwhelming. Thanks to the Rockton Software team for showing me the ropes and allowing me to learn as much as possible. I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait for the next Summit in 2016. . . Tampa here we come!

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