How to Handle Pricing & Payroll in Acumatica

Jul 16, 2020

Pricing and Payroll in Acumatica

Is it painful to set up new pricing schedules, schedule date-driven pricing, or track rebates and adjustments in Acumatica? Need a comprehensive payroll & HR solution that can save hours per pay period, empower employees to manage their own data, and doesn’t break the bank?

We are sharing the stage with Greenshades to show you there are pricing and payroll options for Acumatica.

Rockton will show you the ways to save money, time, and headaches when it comes to managing your pricing strategies and how Greenshades cloud-hosted, easy-to-use payroll, payroll tax, and employee services software can streamline your needs and make working with Acumatica even easier, (yes it is possible!).”

Let’s talk Pricing

When it comes to pricing there are so many ways to calculate the price of your products or services. What we’ve done is come up with a product that is able to handle more of those complex calculations and scenarios that you might come across in your business that standard ERPs like Acumatica are not able to handle.

Handling things like multiple price lists, royalties, rebates, chargebacks, anything that really can get a little cumbersome when you’re trying to put those on paper or rather into your system.

Helping you save time

You do not have to set this automation up multiple times. There’s a lot of versatility built into the product where it’s able to duplicate copy and do imports. You save time with data entry or setting up next year’s prices and then eliminating the human error aspect by having all of this set.

In a pricing engine, your data entry and your Sales Order Processing folks can just go about their day putting in those sales orders and those invoices without having to think about, what price should I be pulling for this customer.

Complex Scenarios

What we try to do is automate those complex scenarios. For example, say you are selling shirts to a customer, in California on a Tuesday, who only needs the color blue. We can set up a pricing scenario based just around that particular need. Rockton Pricing Management can handle very, very basic, all the way down to the most complex.

If you are a waste management company who has percentages of different chemicals and waste products that are making up a gallon. We can create percentages and charge different percentages for liquids versus solids, and the combination of the two.

Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) can get very granular in these pricing calculations. We can handle those crazy ones, just bring them to us, and we will figure out how to get that for you.

pricing revenue management

This is also a multi-currency pricing platform. So, if you’re shipping to Canada, The Caribbean, or Europe we’re able to handle all of those different currencies and apply those pricing scenarios in those cases.

A Giant Calculator

This is an independent pricing engine that sits outside of your ERP. It is SQL based and lives in its own environment. You can kind of think of RPM as a giant calculator.

You can pick a customer just like you normally would, your shipping address, and your items. That Pricing Engine for GPcombination is then automatically calculated in Rockton Pricing Management and a price then pushes back over for you in Acumatica. We’re taking the data, doing the calculations, and pushing a price back. In addition to that, we are able to push back adjustments.

Looking at your distributions on a transaction can be limited as to what you can distribute by line item price. You’ve got your debit and your credit accounts and that’s about it.

With RPM you will have the ability to disburse a price and the corresponding adjustments to that price over multiple accounts. So, you’re no longer limited to just a single debit and credit. You can have unlimited debits and credits.

If you are trying to track an advertising fee, a customer incentive, a rebate to a vendor, or a commission, all of that can be done in a single line item and all of that is passed automatically without your salesperson having to make any extra journal entries or even really think about what needs to happen because it just pushes through.

Let’s talk Payroll

Payroll is one of the most critical yet most overlooked aspects of running an efficient and effective business. Flawlessly execute payroll week after week, and it goes unnoticed. Make a small error, however, the response is immediate and vocal. Add increasingly complex regulatory pressures – particularly for multi-state employers – and the job of the payroll professional is more challenging than ever. You need a partner who can both simplify the complex and transform an obstacle into an opportunity.

Greenshades HCM empowers you to keep payroll in-house, offering greater control, lower costs, and all the benefits of a cloud-based platform, including constant updates and enhancements. ​

We can simplify the payroll process for users, help maintain compliance, encourage employee self-service, and really get folks excited about the payroll and HR possibilities.

Improve Visibility

  • “At-a-Glance” Payroll Dashboard​
  • Simplified Views of Historical ​
  • Pay Runs with One-Click Access​
  • Front Page Awareness of Future Pay Runs

Comply with Confidence

  • Automated assignment of Federal, State, Local Taxes​
  • Management of Multiple Jurisdictions and Reciprocity​
  • Execution of Flawless Returns​
  • Proactive Notifications of Filing and Payment Deadlines

Empower your Employees

  • Powerful Employee Portal Component​
  • Access Pay Stubs, PTO Balances, Benefits Programs, Notes, Notifications​
  • Self-Service of Profile Information, Direct Deposit, Benefits​
  • Advanced Time Entry and Attendance​

Move From “To-Do” to “All Done”​

  • Year-end processing is historically a stressful time​
  • Simple step-by-step process​
  • Turnkey year-end form processing services​

​We are combining the strengths of an in-house payroll solution and a cloud-based platform. So, you can maintain a higher level of control, a higher level of flexibility at a lower cost, and an outsource solution while still benefiting from a platform that can be managed anywhere. This also comes with the automatic updates and enhancements that you expect with a hosted solution.

Payroll is one of the core critical processes. A business needs to be both accurate and efficient. And, of course, it needs to be compliant as well. Unfortunately, it is more and more difficult to hit all those targets. Which is one of the drivers for a payroll and HR platform.


Companies are increasingly assessing their needs as they consider making that move to a cloud-based platform like Acumatica. Rockton and Greenshades can help support your current pricing and payroll challenges.

We do understand that every company is going to be unique, as far as their own processes, as far as their own methods. So, we want to make sure that, you know, we are here to discuss those with you and see how we can help with any pricing scenario or payroll and HR process.

Feel free to check out the Pricing & Payroll webinar recording to learn more and see these solutions in action.

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