Everything GP users need to know about SmartFill

Apr 20, 2021

Frequently asked questions about SmartFill

Here are some commonly asked questions and facts for SmartFill.

What is SmartFill?

It’s a Google-like search tool for finding a key piece of information or a specific record in Dynamics GP.

What is a key piece of information?

An Account, a Vendor, A document, A customer, a checkbook, an employee – almost anything

Where does SmartFill work?

Anywhere there is a magnifying/lookup glass across GP you could use SmartFill. In most cases, it’s already working there as soon as you install it!

Can I modify how SmartFill searches?

Absolutely! It comes with easy to modify pre-set searches, but you can quickly customize them to however you want to search for information!

Does SmartFill work for all of my GP users?

Yes! SmartFill is licensed based on the number of concurrent or full system users you have in GP, so everyone can use it no matter how much or how often they access GP.

Can SmartFill search in 3rd Party product windows?

Most of the time, yes! As long as the product is Dexterity-based, you can create a new object, or apply an existing SmartFill search to the windows and fields that search for key records in 3rd party products. If you run into a snag, just reach out to support@rocktonsoftware.com and they’ll help point you in the right direction!

How many pre-set searches does SmartFill come with?

Out of the box, SmartFill searches over 4,000 fields in GP

Is it hard to add SmartFill to a lookup field?

Nope! A few clicks and your set to search it! Here are the easy to follow steps from our Knowledge Base

How to Install SmartFill in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Download the SmartFill code file from our website and save it
  2. Run the install wizard on your GP server
  3. Log into GP as administrator
  4. Click Yes to install new code
  5. Plugin your registration keys and you are ready to start searching!
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 on any workstations that have local GP code installed on them

How long does it take to modify a SmartFill Search?

2-30 Minutes depending on the number of fields and options you want to customize.
We even have some additional SmartFill objects you can download right on our product page to get you started or to further customize your searches in 3rd party products!

Are there any directions to modify a SmartFill search object?

Absolutely! Check out our SmartFill user guide or search our Knowledge Base on our website

Is there a trial version?

Yes, you can try SmartFill for free for 30 days in your environment. Here is a link to the trial form.

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