Dynamics Report Manager

Fast and easy reporting!
Any report, any time, any place.

Dynamics Report Manager

Fast and easy reporting!
Any report, any time, any place.

What if you could manage and print all of your Dynamics GP reporting from just about anywhere, to anywhere, at any time – without having to install or launch external applications? Well, now you can with Dynamics Report Manager (DRM). DRM even allows you to launch your Crystal Reports for all users, saving you hundreds of dollars per user. (No additional licenses required)

How DRM Makes Your

Work Simpler & Easier®  

    • Report Authors and Editors can bring all of their report types (Excel, FRx, Crystal, Report Writer, Management Reporter, and SSRS) into Dynamics GP.
    • Accounting and Finance Managers can pre-schedule the generation and printing of month-end reports, batch send invoices to customers, and easily print common reports from a single location in GP.
    • GP System Administrators can streamline user reporting by utilizing parameters that allow files to be attached to emails while also being saved to your desired location for historical purposes or for non-GP users to access. They can also enable password access to reports that include sensitive information.

    What can DRM do for you?


    Manage all of your reporting in one streamlined location


    Leverage Crystal Reports with no additional expensive user licensing


    Schedule your reports for when, where, and how you need them



    Batch reports against a list of data results or by setting your own parameters


    Integrate and email reports straight from your GP, CRM, Outlook, SMTP

    My boss asked me to create an easy button approach to our Dynamics implementation and DRM helped me do that.


    Dynamics Report Manager is seamless, painless, and very user friendly. Product is very solid, and just works!


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