Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017 Rundown

Aug 23, 2017

Bob McAdam and Dynamic Communities have done a fine job carrying the GP Tech Conference torch forward this year in Fargo, ND. The sessions were about what I expected and I came away with a few choice tidbits. This year’s event was organized pretty much the same as past Fargo GP conferences; it really didn’t miss a beat.

The Conference

From my perspective, I’m glad there wasn’t an overwhelming focus on Dynamics 365. There was though, lots of good stuff on PowerApps and I hope they expand the capabilities there at some point as it shows some serious potential.

Tuesday ended with a nice panel discussion touching on development processes and best practices that saw a lot of audience participation.

Wednesday’s high point for me was David Musgrave’s and Mariano Gomez’s 25 tips/tricks/hacks/reminders session. I picked up a half-dozen or so new things, and that’s saying something considering I’ve been a Dex guy for 23 years now!  Mariano stepped out on his own later that afternoon to talk about innovative work he has done with automating build processes in the Cloud using Team Foundation Services.

Finally, the conference finished with a bang on Thursday as Steve Endow presented a fantastic session on optimizing SQL queries.

The Fun

As always, it was great to see the usual standbys in the halls and at the after hours events. Tuesday night’s entertainment was courtesy of eOne and Hennessy’s Irish Pub. They had some yummy Indian food for the sampling.  Adios Pantalones sounded great, but I spent most of my time out on the back deck trying to teach a bunch of amateurs how to play 2×4 Jenga.  (I’m tellin’ ya – just rip it out like you’re tearing off a band aid!)  Then some lovely folks from Greenshades taught me a thing or two about a little game called, “Drink While You Think.”  Or was it “Think While You Drink”?  I’ll have to ask again next time I play with them (thanks Molly and gang!).

The Karaoke

Wednesday’s blowout at the Pickled Parrot, sponsored by PowerGP Online, didn’t disappoint: good conversation, good times, and a lot of karaoke. Our very own rock star, Alicia, killed it with Bettie Davis Eyes and I’m told I didn’t embarrass myself with The Beatles’ A Ticket To Ride. So, emboldened, I subjected the crowd to a second helping of Beatles with Happiness Is a Warm Gun. Then I outgrew my britches, as they say, and attempted Three Dog Night. Fortunately Mariano and Rachael Brancich saved me from myself on that one.

Looking forward to the next conference in Fargo!  Great job Bob and Dynamic Communities!

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