Do you need set it and forget it pricing?

Oct 13, 2020

Who needs pricing revenue management

Not every customer needs a pricing solution. If you have very simple pricing, not many customers or items, and your adjustments are easy to manage then you may be all set. So, ask yourself, how complex is your pricing?

Do you?

  • Manage a large list of items or customers
  • Match this customer to this item or this date
  • Apply discounts or a price adjustment to specific geographies
  • Have many types of discounts, rebates, and promotions

Can your ERP?

  • Track unlimited adjustments
  • Track those adjustments back to the GL and keep them separated for processing

We find that most ERP systems cannot handle this.

We have your back

Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) is the tool to help you and your business grow. To go from manual to automated. We know it can be time-consuming and stressful to manage it all. That’s why we have your back.

This is for the:

  • IT professionals who stay up late to input the new pricing changes each year
  • Sales team so they know they’re giving the best possible price to their customers and getting a commission too
  • Accounting so they can easily track items back to the GL, track rebates and royalties back to the vendor or customer, and not worry about over or underpaying
  • Pricing managers who need to update prices on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence and have those prices roll down to their calculations

What’s your industry?

We found a pricing revenue management solution is great for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers but let’s break it down even further.

  • Food distributors sell by the pound, by case, by unit of measure
  • Flooring and manufacturing distributors use rebates for their vendors
  • Waste management companies offer discounts
  • Electronics have restocking fees
  • Convenience store suppliers may need to charge a brand fee by item
  • Co-ops may need to change a price based on the daily market value of a component

Set It and Forget It

We’d like to think of RPM like a trusty crockpot. You put all the ingredients in and set the timer and forget about it until it’s done.

Well, with Rockton Pricing Management, you put in all the information such as pricing, adjustments, and items and then let RPM do its thing and it will send back a price when it’s done all the necessary calculations in the background.

All the manual effort, all the spreadsheets, all the time it takes to make changes are now alleviated when you put a pricing solution in the mix.

Still not sure if you need a pricing solution? Reach out to our team to learn more and schedule a personalized demo.

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