Convergence 2015 Recap

Mar 24, 2015

How great was Convergence this year? We had so much fun in Atlanta. There was a lot of new things that we did there: two booths, a Help Desk, filming customer and partner testimonials, and being a GOLD sponsor with our small business accounting inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Rockton Connect.

At our Rockton Connect Booth #510, it was all focused on our small business accounting product. With our gold sponsorship, we were able to have 2 presentations: 1 hour presentation and 1 at the Media Wall. Mark even wrote and performed a new song to the tune of Let it Go from Frozen. Watch Mark’s theatre degree at work!

Our GP booth #147 focused on SmartFill, Auditor, Dynamics GP Toolbox, Dynamics Report Manager, and Omni Price. This year, Steven, Marketing and Sales Support, filmed customer and partner testimonials and gave away a Movie Night themed basket to anyone who participated. We also had a Help Desk for our current customers–if you had a more technical or support related question, this was the desk to visit.

Ultimately, it was another great year at Convergence. We cannot wait to be headed to New Orleans in April of 2016. We will see you there!

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