Congratulations, Donor Network of Arizona! | November 2019

Nov 6, 2019


A few years ago, Rockton enacted a 1-1-1 rule. This means we dedicate 1% of our team’s time, 1% of company profits, and 1% of our product is given to charities in our communities. Employees enthusiastically jumped at the chance to engage with their chosen charities. It is such a great part of our company culture. We support a wide and interesting range of nonprofits in the communities where Rockton Software employees reside.

Going along with this rule we have recently incorporated something new. Each year we ask for nominations from nonprofits that would like to receive one of our products at no charge.

This year we are thrilled to award the Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) with a free copy of SmartFill to help them fulfill their mission to save more lives!

We selected DNA as the recipients of this year’s award during our company retreat. Our entire team read through each submission and discussed which nonprofit we felt would most benefit from our products. After reading the letter we received from DNA(see below) it was pretty clear who we felt had the greatest need and widest reach in their mission. Anyone who has been touched by organ donation knows just how vital the work of the Donate Life America Network is.

Rockton Software Application

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is the federally designated, not-for-profit organ procurement organization for the state of Arizona. We facilitate the transplantation of organs and tissues for transplantation in pursuit of our mission to make the most of life through the gift of organ and tissue donation.

Like all organizations, Donor Network of Arizona has challenges with finding information in Dynamics GP when we don’t know the right word to search for. This is time and money spent that could be directed elsewhere. In addition to the challenges to find information, I can’t tell you how many duplicate vendors have been setup throughout the years when the accounts payable person searches for a vendor, but doesn’t use the “right” search. Rockton’s SmartFill would be just the tool we need to solve these challenges.

As the Director of Finance for Donor Network of Arizona, it is my job to ensure that we are utilizing our resources in the best way possible to advance our mission and to achieve our vision to realize Arizona’s potential to save and improve lives. By using Rockton’s SmartFill product to enhance our productivity, we can direct resources spent on time-consuming searches and duplicate entries to other areas and ultimately, SAVE MORE LIVES!

Our organization only exists because of the generosity of our organ and tissue donors and their gifts. As an organization that embraces a culture of generosity, we appreciate Rockton’s generosity in awarding one of their products to a not-for-profit organization. Regardless of whether DNA receives this award or if it is awarded to another deserving not-for-profit organization, we celebrate your spirit of generosity. Thank you for considering us for your software award.

Congratulations, Donor Network of Arizona! We are honored to contribute to your life saving mission! Check out their website to learn more:

Did you know YOU could save up to 8 lives? Become an organ donor today!

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