You know what they say, 2 is better than 1, well here at Rockton we can say 3 is better than 1. Because these 3 tools can help you each and every day.

With these 3 tools you can:

  • Put users in timeout
  • Review batches with ease
  • Be an Inspector Gadget

Dynamics GP Toolbox is a set of tools to make your work simpler & easier® whether you are a system administrator or an end-user. There is a tool for everyone, but let’s discuss three of our favorite tools here.

The Top 3

#1 – Inactivity Timeout

The Inactivity Timeout tool gracefully logs users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP after a pre-defined period of inactivity. You determine the period of time the user may be inactive before they are logged out, and they are only logged out if they are not in the middle of a process. If they have a window open where they had partially entered data, the are not logged off so as to keep your data integrity.

This is a great tool if you have users who do not log out when they finish their tasks or finish for the day. By gracefully logging them out, you make room for other users to log into your system. While you may assign the default number of minutes for users to be logged out, you may also assign a time limit based on a group of users. You can also have a group of users excluded from being tracked as inactive.

Put Dynamics GP users in timeout

Setting up groups can be done quickly and easily. After they are set up, you now can assign the time limits to each group if they are different than the default limit.

For example, you may have a default time limit of 30 minutes but have a group of Accounts Payable users who you do not want to be logged out unless they have been inactive for 60 minutes. Then, you may also have a group of Sales Order Processing users who you do not want to be logged out unless they are inactive for 120 minutes. You can simply set-up each group and assign specific time limits.

User Group Settings

You can even set up a schedule for the inactivity timeouts. During a regular business day, you might not want users logged out when inactive but do want them logged out when inactive outside of business hours. Schedules make that easy.

#2 – Batch Review

The Batch Review window allows you to access your batches in one central location. No more switching between batches and different batch windows. In this window, you can review, edit, delete, approve, and post your batches. You also easily see what transactions belong to a batch.

There are also transaction-level functions you can do using this window. You can add, delete, void, and edit transactions within the batch by selecting the appropriate icon. This opens the necessary transaction window where you can complete your task. You can also transfer transactions from the Batch Review window. For example, you may need to transfer a sales transaction from an order to an invoice. You can even move transactions from one batch to another, right from this window.

Using Batch Review is so much easier than jumping from window to window to process your batches. This is great for small companies where the same user works in multiple modules. It’s also great for large companies where they have a lot of transactions and want to easily see transactions in a batch.

Batch Review Window in Dynamics GP

#3 – Inspector

Inspector is a great tool for the IT team and for users who build reports, SmartLists, or just need to find what table a field belongs in. Inspector provides technical information about the tables and fields for almost any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as 3rd party products that are dexterity based.

This gadget is for you if you need help creating reports and SmartLists. Setting up security can also be simple and easy since the technical information for the data you want is right there in one window.

Sales Transaction Entry Window

While these are just three of the tools in the Dynamics GP Toolbox, there are plenty more to help with system security, payment approval, and more.

Next Steps:

You can always email us as well with any questions or concerns at

System Security for Dynamics GP

Working from home has its ups and downs and pluses and minuses. A few extra z’s in the morning, no commute, no traffic, and living in comfy clothes even if it is only from the waist down. But now you may have added responsibilities with the kids being home, online learning, more Zoom meetings than you ever thought possible. With more people working from home security also needs to be at an all-time high.

Did you know there was a 667% increase in Coronavirus phishing attempts?

Viruses, zoombombings, and phishing attempts are on the rise so it’s important to have the right tools and systems in place to protect your computer both at work and at home.

We want to help boost your security in Dynamics GP, manage users working from home, report on any changes made, and manage a lockout for both system maintenance and users.

Dynamics GP Toolbox contains many features to help solve business needs such as security and the ability to work simpler & easier® in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This collection of tools was created to reduce pain points in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Put users in timeout

The Inactivity Timeout tool works exactly like it sounds. You can automatically log users out of the system if they are inactive for a pre-defined amount of time and remove those inactive users with ease.

If your team is struggling to remember to log out at home or in the office then this is the tool for you.

You don’t want to be greeted with this message all the time, Maximum Number of Users has been Reached, and neither do your users.

Read more about this tool and see it in action.

Dreams do come true

Security Manager is the dream come true tool for IT and GP Administrators.

Check out how you can:

  • See which users have access to specific roles, tasks, and details in GP.
  • Get more information on a task or modify a task.
  • Export your security information to excel. View and make changes and then import it back in.

Lock them out

We have two ways you can lock out users.

Now you get your stuff done and notify everyone when you are doing it. Hey users it is time for some system maintenance so finish up what you are doing please. This gives them a one-minute warning to finish up what they are doing and log out.

Now, you will have some noninterrupted time to install a service pack or run that backup or any other maintenance you have on the list.

System Maintenance Lockout allows a system administrator to prevent users from logging into a specified company or all companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This will also force users to log out of the system if they are already logged in.

3 strikes and you’re out

User Lockout is a security feature that locks users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP after they have made three unsuccessful password attempts.

8 character passwords need to be a thing of the past. Even with special characters, an @ instead of an a, they still are high risk for those potential hackers. Passwords need to be a 16-24 character limit to help prevent you from being a potential victim.

These just a few of the 27 tools in our Dynamics GP Toolbox. It is one of our most popular Dynamics GP add-ons because it is packed with a ton of functionality designed to save you time, money, and frustration all while improving your Dynamics GP user experience.

Next Steps:

The Story Behind Pricing Revenue Management

Many things have changed over the years. The cell phone has evolved from a singular calling device to a do pretty much everything but walk your dog device. Coffee has gone from the coffee pot to the elaborate coffee run – non-fat, extra whip, light ice, mocha frappucino anyone?

And just like those everyday essentials, ERP systems and software solutions have also made strategic evolutions as well. When’s the last time you used a CD to install software?

The same holds true for pricing revenue management. Once upon a time, we acquired a product called Omni Price, which plenty of our customers still use today. You can set up pricing contracts by customer, item, date, or unique criteria, and use filters to simplify lookups, updates, tracking, and exports but it was just for one ERP, Dynamics GP.

It’s such a great tool so why not spread the love to other ERP systems and provide more robust functionality. So, we took on the challenge and that’s when we developed Rockton Pricing Management.

It works with:

  • Dynamics GP
  • Acumatica
  • Dynamics365 Business Central
  • And more to come

You asked, we answered

One of the main reasons for this new product was customer feedback and feature requests. We’re all about helping the customer and making their work simpler & easier®. That has been our motto for over 20 years.

We weren’t able to do many of the cool requests within the existing code of the product. We thought – why not design something totally new to meet the needs of our customers. So that’s what we did.

If you have checked out some, or all, of the blogs in our pricing strategies series you learned all the ways, types, forms, advantages, and challenges pricing can have on your business.

Research, automation, and testing are important parts of an effective pricing strategy.

You may or may not need a solution

When it comes to pricing every industry is different, every business is different so you just may or may not need a pricing solution to help. We have found that there are some key industries that truly do benefit from it.

Some are:

  • Distributors (Food is a big one)
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

Many ERPs have some type of pricing functionality built-in and that may be all you need. But if you are in one of the above-mentioned industries, or have complex pricing scenarios, or a large number of customers and/or items, or offer a wide variety of price adjustments then you may just need something more robust.

Let’s Dive In

Rockton Pricing Management (RPM), an all-in-one, flexible, multi-platform, multi-currency pricing solution. It’s the  “set it and forget it” pricing solution. You simply establish any pricing scenario one time and RPM does all the calculations and hard work behind the scenes.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate dynamic pricing: Set it and forget it! You simply establish any pricing scenario one time and RPM does all the calculations and hard work behind the scenes, automatically!
  • Simplify your price lists: Create, organize, filter, and search all your price lists super-fast, and in a way that actually makes sense.
  • Create date-driven pricing: Assign valid date ranges to your price lists and you will automatically get the right one—on your schedule.
  • Take control of rebates, commissions, restock fees, offsets and more: Track special pricing adjustments and make sure everyone gets paid. Increase overall revenue by protecting your desired margins.
  • Sync with Dynamics GP, BC, or Acumatica: Rockton provides our SQL-based and web service APIs for RPM so you can connect it to your ERP system.
  • Save time and money: Create more efficient, accurate systems all in one place so you can focus on growing your business instead.

Pricing management is an ongoing process of developing, setting, executing, and measuring prices for your customers. When you sell things, you need a strategy.

Whatever the pricing scenario is we will try to help and show you an easier way. We are ready to take on the challenge. Email us anytime to schedule a personalized demo.

Pricing Engine for Dynamics365 Business Central

Rockton Software/Rockton Pricing Management Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

[Erie, CO — August 2020—] Rockton Software today announced the availability of Rockton Pricing Management on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

Rockton Software is an Independent Solutions Vendor (ISV) based in the United States. The company started in 1999 by offering custom development for clients using Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software. Today, Rockton Software is a creative company with add-on products for Dynamics GP and is expanding into the cloud space with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Rockton Pricing Management is the “set it and forget it” pricing solution. You simply establish any pricing scenario one time and RPM does all the calculations and hard work behind the scenes.

“We’re honored and excited to expand our offerings in the Dynamics suite of ERP solutions,” said Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software. “This is a testament to the strength of our application, depth of our integration, and commitment within the Dynamics community.”

Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, Microsoft Corp., said,

“We’re happy to welcome Rockton Pricing Management to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our customers access to the best solutions available from our extensive partner ecosystem. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as Rockton Pricing Management from Rockton Software to help customers meet their needs faster.”

About Rockton Software

Rockton Software is a virtual company with employees in seven states and its headquarters in Erie, Colorado. Serving over 100,000 users worldwide, Rockton Software supports innovation by offering Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica add-ons for all industries. Whether you need auditing, pricing, searching, reporting, cost accounting, or general user enhancements, we’ve got the solution for you! Learn more by visiting

10 Valuable Ways to Print Reports in Dynamics GP

Working from home is the new norm. It’s still business as usual just done differently. Maybe you need some new ways of doing things, like printing reports.

What if you could manage and print all of your Dynamics GP reports from anywhere, to anywhere, at any time – without having to install or launch any external applications to do it?

Here are 10 ways we can help with Dynamics Report Manager.

#1 DRM hits the spot

No more launching other tools or products to get the data you need; with DRM reports are organized for you in one spot.

Dynamics Report Manager allows you to organize, edit, and launch all of your existing Report Writer (modified or unmodified), Crystal, FRx, Management Reporter, and SQL Reporting Services reports, as well as your Microsoft Word and Excel documents from one location directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

#2 Built-in Schedule

Imagine having that one report you need every morning. DRM has a built-in schedule feature that allows you to easily schedule your reports on an hourly, daily, or monthly.

So if you run the same report each morning or a group of reports each month, why not schedule it and have it auto-generate for you?

#3 Let’s print double

Why be limited to one printer selection at a time? You can print reports to multiple printers. Send each report in your system to a separate printer or file and have that selection saved. Yes, it is that easy.

Now you can print the report at your kitchen table and at the office.

#4 No more failure to launch

You can choose to replace existing reports that print within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Launch Points allows you to take any of your existing DRM reports, have it generate, and print in place of the standard report in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you have a custom sales invoice created in Crystal reports, Launch Points gives you the ability to now have that custom report generate automatically from the Print button of your Sales Transaction Entry window or any other location you specify.

#5 Different Formats, No Problem

You can use DRM to automatically print different reports/invoices based on information on the screen.

For example, if a customer has multiple invoice formats and they print different ones based on the customer, you can use conditions action on the Launch Point to have DRM determine which invoice type to print.

Stepping up your customer service just got easier.

#6 Get your batch ready

No more onesie, twosies emails to your customers or vendors. Now you can email one batch of reports. Easily generate a batch of invoices and have them sent to your customers or vendors inbox. This saves you time and money and allows you to focus on other tasks.

#7 It is more fun with a group

Need 5 different reports now? With the reports in DRM, you can choose each specific report and have it print at one time. For example, if you need to print a Report Writer, Crystal, and SQL Reporting Services report, it can all be done in one grouping without leaving DRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP. How efficient is that!

#8 Customize it their way

Sally wants a report this way, your customer wants a report that way, and your manager wants a report another way. Is your head spinning yet?

Well with DRM, you can customize it any which way for any person. DRM allows each user to setup their Favorites Folder. Meaning, you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of reports you don’t use. Just go directly to your Favorites Folder and all of your reports can be accessed quickly.

#9 Top Security

You can ensure your reports are secure. IT professionals have no fear, DRM allows you to set security access for each report, therefore, each user can have a tailored view of reports they should be allowed to view and generate. You can even password protect them!

#10 Make Changes Anytime

You can easily add, edit, or remove reports. DRM allows users to easily add new reports, edit existing report generation options, or remove reports that are no longer needed within DRM.

Dynamics Report Manager is such a robust product that users often aren’t aware of all the neat features that exist in it.

If you want to try it out in your Dynamics GP environment, click here to get started today with a 30-day trial.

Connecting the Dots Between Project Cost, Dynamics GP, and Concur

Just like a blind date if there is no real connection, it doesn’t work. Well, we have a real connection between Project Cost, Dynamics GP, and Concur and it will make your work simpler & easier®.

Let’s Break it Down

Project Cost

What it does:

  • Integrates with Payables, Receivable, Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Payroll, General Ledgers, and Smartlist Modules
  • Eliminates unnecessary keystrokes and double entry
  • Automates the creation of invoices, employee expense transactions, payroll transactions, project budgets, and project purchase orders.

How it makes your work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP:

  • Users can logon anywhere/anytime to record Time and Expense information
  • Managers can use the powerful Budgeting and Project Analysis Tools

Wipfli Concur Connect for GP

What it does:

  • Provides a secure, seamless connection between Concur and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

How it makes your work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP:

  • This seamless integration means you don’t have to download, manipulate and reupload data into different systems.
  • Built into your ERP’s environment, so you don’t have to switch between applications to transfer data. You can continue working in your ERP.
  • The connector is prepackaged and cloud-to-cloud, which makes it easy to use and helps ensure a fast, real-time stream of data into your ERP’s different modules.

Having a link between these systems means no double entry of data, streamlining the invoice, payment and approval process, and tying them to a project.

How does it work?

Once the invoices are fully approved and extracted from Concur all you have to do is run the integration and this will initiate the process and bring them all in from Concur. There is even a validation process.

You will get a message if any of them failed and why a voucher could not be created.

All of the successful non-project invoices will sit in an unposted AP batch.

For those that are tied to a project, they go directly to the Project Cost module for validation.

Once in Project Cost they are cued up and know they need to populate in the import window. You can then review and validate them.

Once validated you can process and post them in Project Cost to the individual projects.

You will also see those with errors as well with a detailed error description.

You can also go to each individual project to see the impact of these costs and how they hit the project.

Want to see it in action?

In a recent Rockton and Wipfli webinar we showed this tool in a customer’s test environment.

What we covered:

How to:

  • Seamlessly integrate expense data and invoice processing between 3 systems you use daily
  • Reduce errors and manual entry with a tool that talks to them all
  • Automate Concur AP purchases into Dynamics GP and Project Cost

Check out this 30-minute recording.

Unit of Measure and Rounding

Let’s talk about advanced features. This includes the unit of measure and rounding. This pricing strategy is for all who need to sell a certain number of pieces per pound or number of pounds per case. We are going back to math class with this one.

Choosing Units

The unit that is chosen all depends on how the product is packaged and sold. If sold by weight, you can use ounces, pounds, kilograms or 100-g units. Selling by dry volume, use dry pints, dry quarts, liters, or 100-ml units. If sold by liquid volume, use fluid ounces, pints, quarts, gallons, liters, or 100-ml units. If the product is sold by count, the unit is each individual item in the package.

Let’s see some examples

Unit of Measure – pounds

Units of Measure Window

You can break it down individually, by pack, or by case.

  • 1 can of soda
  • 12 pack of soda
  • 1 case of soda or 24 pack

How about poultry or chicken. They can be in a case, but you can break it down by pound. Even a landscape or concrete supply distributor can do it by pounds/tons of dirt or sand.

There are so many ways and types you so just want to make sure your pricing system can handle whatever it is.

Time to Round-up

Or round down. There are many ways you can. It all depends on what you want the final cost to be based on the different pricing strategies you are using.

How about these rounding options:

  • To the nearest .99
  • To the nearest nickel
  • Round up or round down
  • Out to 5 significant digits

Rounding Rule

What can RPM do

Not trying to downplay your ERP. It is great for all the basics like Finance and Accounting, Marketing and CRM functionality, Human Resources, and Inventory.

But we could all use a little help from our fellow ISVs when it comes to things like Payroll, Warehouse Management, and Pricing. There are so many other solutions to help us grow, run our business, and automate manual processes.

Rockton Pricing Management or RPM can help:

  • Track multiple units of measure by item
  • Calculate per item per pound price adjustment even though you may be selling it by the case
  • Convert by the unit of measure on a per item basis
  • Round up or down, out to 5 digits


Pricing strategies and features come in all shapes and sizes. If you stuck with us and viewed all of our blogs, you can see and learn why. If not, check them out.

Pricing revenue management is not one size fits all and it’s certainly not the same for every industry.

When putting these strategies in place you need to think about not only your product or service and industry but can your ERP handle it?

A few years ago, Rockton enacted a 1-1-1 rule. This means we dedicate 1% of our team’s time, 1% of company profits, and 1% of our product is given to charities in our communities.  Employees enthusiastically jumped at the chance to engage with their chosen charity. It is such a great part of the company culture. We support a wide and interesting range of nonprofits in the communities where Rockton Software employees reside.

Going along with this rule we decided to take it a step further. Each year, a few months before Community Summit, we ask for nominations from nonprofits that would like to get one of our products at no charge. Yes, this means you can pick any one of our products that will make your work simpler & easier® in Dynamics GP.


  • Share how one of our products would positively impact your organization
  • You need to be a nonprofit
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP customers only

Partners can also nominate their customers as well. The one lucky winner will be announced the week of GPUG Summit and it will be done virtually.

Rockton team members have been involved in many charitable areas such as food-related nonprofits, Multiple Sclerosis event participation, homeless shelter service, English as a second language tutoring, animal shelter work, and local school service. We just love to give back to the community. This is something near and dear to our company culture. Just maybe it can reignite a charitable passion for you too!

The deadline to submit is September 18. Submit your nominations here.

Pricing Attributes Tips n Tricks

We hope you have stuck around with us as we go through all the typical pricing strategies and scenarios you could have in your business.

Because this next one is going to be the icing on the cake. For those of you with many customers and/or a  large volume of items, you definitely need to keep reading.

You just got a new item or a new customer, and adding them to the ERP is a piece of cake, but assigning them to a pricing class or schedule now it becomes a time consuming and manual process.

This can turn into the perfect storm or a complete disaster.

You want to sell what to who?

Users may customize products by selecting attributes of the product, such as size and color. Attribute-based pricing adjusts the price based on the attributes chosen and displays the adjusted price in the quote or order.

For example, you add a new customer located in CA. You have set up an attribute for every CA customer to get a certain tax when they buy this specific soda. Because there is always this tax in CA no matter what and you want to make sure it is set up correctly in your ERP.

Setting up a customer, add the price class or schedule. Then you must go back and reconfigure how your customers relate to that NEW item.

This can turn into the perfect storm or a complete disaster.

It can be easier than you think

Well, what if you could dynamically say this group of customers get this price for this item or these customers in this geography get this price, there are just so many attributes you could assign to any unique customer class.

When looking at attributes or metadata you need something to help automate that, make it easy to set up and give that high customer service you are known for when it comes to the right price for the right customer.

Categorize into groups

One strategy to help simplify pricing is to categorize items into groups. After they are grouped, set up price filters so you’re filtering within those groups, this minimizes the number of things you must set up.  To put this into perspective, suppose you had three customer classes and you have 10 different Item Price Classes. Those 10 Item Price Classes may each have an additional cross product, which starts adding up to a whole lot of SKU’s and prices to keep track of.

Have fun with classes

Let’s start with cake mix. You may sell vanilla, chocolate and Funfetti cake mix, however they can all be in the Cake Class and be sold at the same price to your Gold Tier customers. Think of the time you save by only pricing the Cake Class, and not each individual cake flavor. By categorizing these classes into groups, you can now strategize a much more manageable pricing solution.

Customer’s ship-to address

Home Depot is your customer, but you may need to price a generator shipping to a Home Depot in Los Angeles at a higher price than the same generator going to a Home Depot in Chicago. The great thing here is you could also use a different pricing method in each of these scenarios as well.

Pricing attributes on a document

You may have a special promo code being given out at a trade show. If that code is indicated on the document, we can create a special price and apply it only to those documents that have the code included.

It’s time to have your cake and eat it too

I hope you like all our cake analogies. So, what is the icing on the cake? Rockton Pricing Management offers you the flexibility to classify your pricing. All the examples we used above; you can do with Rockton Pricing Management (RPM).

RPM allows you to pull attributes off the customer, the items, and you can do it all at the document level too.

Virtually any identifying characteristic on a customer or an item can be used to create an attribute filter in RPM.

Color, size, scent, manufacturer, model number, VIN, Lot number, ingredient, you name it! The flexible options are endless.


We hope this blog and all our previous blogs in this pricing strategy series showed you the options and the flexibility you can have. Not only when having a pricing strategy in place but a solution to help manage it all.

Up until now you may have thought there was no way you could handle pricing revenue management in your current ERP. Or maybe you have new strategies you can now execute. We hope we helped educate, introduce, and provided a new insight into this important part of your business.

Pricing is the strategy everyone needs but not everyone takes. We hope you take it and run with it.

Pricing and Payroll in Acumatica

Is it painful to set up new pricing schedules, schedule date-driven pricing, or track rebates and adjustments in Acumatica? Need a comprehensive payroll & HR solution that can save hours per pay period, empower employees to manage their own data, and doesn’t break the bank?

We are sharing the stage with Greenshades to show you there are pricing and payroll options for Acumatica.

Rockton will show you the ways to save money, time, and headaches when it comes to managing your pricing strategies and how Greenshades cloud-hosted, easy-to-use payroll, payroll tax, and employee services software can streamline your needs and make working with Acumatica even easier, (yes it is possible!).”

Let’s talk Pricing

When it comes to pricing there are so many ways to calculate the price of your products or services. What we’ve done is come up with a product that is able to handle more of those complex calculations and scenarios that you might come across in your business that standard ERPs like Acumatica are not able to handle.

Handling things like multiple price lists, royalties, rebates, chargebacks, anything that really can get a little cumbersome when you’re trying to put those on paper or rather into your system.

Helping you save time

You do not have to set this automation up multiple times. There’s a lot of versatility built into the product where it’s able to duplicate copy and do imports. You save time with data entry or setting up next year’s prices and then eliminating the human error aspect by having all of this set.

In a pricing engine, your data entry and your Sales Order Processing folks can just go about their day putting in those sales orders and those invoices without having to think about, what price should I be pulling for this customer.

Complex Scenarios

What we try to do is automate those complex scenarios. For example, say you are selling shirts to a customer, in California on a Tuesday, who only needs the color blue. We can set up a pricing scenario based just around that particular need. Rockton Pricing Management can handle very, very basic, all the way down to the most complex.

If you are a waste management company who has percentages of different chemicals and waste products that are making up a gallon. We can create percentages and charge different percentages for liquids versus solids, and the combination of the two.

Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) can get very granular in these pricing calculations. We can handle those crazy ones, just bring them to us, and we will figure out how to get that for you.

pricing revenue management

This is also a multi-currency pricing platform. So, if you’re shipping to Canada, The Caribbean, or Europe we’re able to handle all of those different currencies and apply those pricing scenarios in those cases.

A Giant Calculator

This is an independent pricing engine that sits outside of your ERP. It is SQL based and lives in its own environment. You can kind of think of RPM as a giant calculator.

You can pick a customer just like you normally would, your shipping address, and your items. That Pricing Engine for GPcombination is then automatically calculated in Rockton Pricing Management and a price then pushes back over for you in Acumatica. We’re taking the data, doing the calculations, and pushing a price back. In addition to that, we are able to push back adjustments.

Looking at your distributions on a transaction can be limited as to what you can distribute by line item price. You’ve got your debit and your credit accounts and that’s about it.

With RPM you will have the ability to disburse a price and the corresponding adjustments to that price over multiple accounts. So, you’re no longer limited to just a single debit and credit. You can have unlimited debits and credits.

If you are trying to track an advertising fee, a customer incentive, a rebate to a vendor, or a commission, all of that can be done in a single line item and all of that is passed automatically without your salesperson having to make any extra journal entries or even really think about what needs to happen because it just pushes through.

Let’s talk Payroll

Payroll is one of the most critical yet most overlooked aspects of running an efficient and effective business. Flawlessly execute payroll week after week, and it goes unnoticed. Make a small error, however, the response is immediate and vocal. Add increasingly complex regulatory pressures – particularly for multi-state employers – and the job of the payroll professional is more challenging than ever. You need a partner who can both simplify the complex and transform an obstacle into an opportunity.

Greenshades HCM empowers you to keep payroll in-house, offering greater control, lower costs, and all the benefits of a cloud-based platform, including constant updates and enhancements. ​

We can simplify the payroll process for users, help maintain compliance, encourage employee self-service, and really get folks excited about the payroll and HR possibilities.

Improve Visibility

  • “At-a-Glance” Payroll Dashboard​
  • Simplified Views of Historical ​
  • Pay Runs with One-Click Access​
  • Front Page Awareness of Future Pay Runs

Comply with Confidence

  • Automated assignment of Federal, State, Local Taxes​
  • Management of Multiple Jurisdictions and Reciprocity​
  • Execution of Flawless Returns​
  • Proactive Notifications of Filing and Payment Deadlines

Empower your Employees

  • Powerful Employee Portal Component​
  • Access Pay Stubs, PTO Balances, Benefits Programs, Notes, Notifications​
  • Self-Service of Profile Information, Direct Deposit, Benefits​
  • Advanced Time Entry and Attendance​

Move From “To-Do” to “All Done”​

  • Year-end processing is historically a stressful time​
  • Simple step-by-step process​
  • Turnkey year-end form processing services​

​We are combining the strengths of an in-house payroll solution and a cloud-based platform. So, you can maintain a higher level of control, a higher level of flexibility at a lower cost, and an outsource solution while still benefiting from a platform that can be managed anywhere. This also comes with the automatic updates and enhancements that you expect with a hosted solution.

Payroll is one of the core critical processes. A business needs to be both accurate and efficient. And, of course, it needs to be compliant as well. Unfortunately, it is more and more difficult to hit all those targets. Which is one of the drivers for a payroll and HR platform.


Companies are increasingly assessing their needs as they consider making that move to a cloud-based platform like Acumatica. Rockton and Greenshades can help support your current pricing and payroll challenges.

We do understand that every company is going to be unique, as far as their own processes, as far as their own methods. So, we want to make sure that, you know, we are here to discuss those with you and see how we can help with any pricing scenario or payroll and HR process.

Feel free to check out the Pricing & Payroll webinar recording to learn more and see these solutions in action.

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